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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can I call if I'm having trouble navigating the website?

     Margaret King, 662-222-1995


How will my child be tutored?

  • Face-to-face tutoring in a designated space with masks. Student will be required to sign a Covid-19 Release Form at each face-to-face session.

  • Virtual tutoring: Facetime, Skype or Zoom; other devices/platforms may be available.


How do I pay for a tutoring session?

Payment is due at the time the session is booked either by credit card or PayPal.


Where will my child be tutored?

Face-to-face tutoring will take place at a venue suitable to tutor and student. Students will be required at each session to sign a Covid-19 Release Form and both tutor and student are required to wear a mask throughout the entire session.


What is the cancellation policy?

A student may not cancel any session and receive a refund, but may cancel and reschedule, applying the original payment, if done so with at least 24 hours notice. A cancellation within the 24-hour window of the original session, may only be rescheduled using the original payment with consent of the tutor. Every student will receive three (3) text notices: the day before the scheduled appointment, the morning of the appointment and 15 minutes before the appointment.


What happens if I have trouble getting online for the tutoring session?

Text or email the tutor. It's possible that power outages will occur on either end. In that case use a 'hotspot" to connect. If you are still experiencing trouble after trying each of these options, call 662-222-1995.

 Will students be reminded of their tutoring session?

Yes, each student will receive 3 text reminders of their appointment: the day before the scheduled session, the morning of the appointment and 15 minutes before the schedule appointment.


Do you have group sessions and what are the rates?

Group sessions of 2+ students are available; the rate is $50/student/hour.


Can I have a conference with the tutor who will be assisting my child?

Yes, the tutor will provide a phone number to the student so you may initiate contact. You may also call 662-226-1995 to facilitate contact with a tutor.


General Information

Syllabus Required: As soon as the student/tutor initiate contact, student will provide a syllabus to the tutor and the name of software program that's being used. 


Tutoring Assistance for Papers: It is unethical for a tutor to compose/write a student's paper. Tutors are available to assist and guide the student for writing/editing purposes.


All Other Courses: Tutors are available to assist with homework and to prepare student for quizzes, tests and final exams.


Payment: Payment for each scheduled session is due at the time of booking.


Contact Person: Parents or students can call Margaret King, 662-222-1995 with any questions or concerns.

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