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It is 2022. And you are seeing double.

The King Tutors are so good, there are two of them! Plus their entourage.

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Meet the King Twins

Kat & Margaret King

Well known in their community, Kat and Margaret King are not only brilliant, but fun, caring and ready to help you or your student get the best outcome with tutoring. Kat has been tutoring since 1984 and Margaret since 1990 and reviews of them call this duo "remarkable," "life-saving" and "an inspiration," One student says, "They made what I thought was the hardest class of my career, a breeze." The King Twins have assembled the finest team of tutors to help motivate and find success for you or your student. From elementary grade levels through college, King Twin Tutoring team is here for you.

Tutoring We Specialize In

Math Tutors

- Calculus




- Accounting

- Finance


- Writing

- Speech Writing

- Grammar

- Composition


- Biology



- Physical Science

Elementary Level

 - Reading

- Comprehension

- Math

High School Level

- Accounting

- Pre-Algebra

- Algebra I, II, III

 - Geometry

- Trigonometry

- Calculus

- Stats

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Tutoring for University of Mississippi, Mississippi State University, Auburn University, University of Alabama, University of Georgia, Vanderbilt University and more!

Kat and Margret King are people who have helped me through college. If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't have passed trigonometry or college algebra! They really break down problems for you to understand and even give you short cuts for solving the problems. If you are looking for a tutor, whether it is math, chemistry or even physics, I would choose them 100% over anyone because they are truly a definition of a tutor and how they can help you succeed!

- Blake Carby

The King Twins are the best tutors I've ever had. I came out with an A+ in my worst subject. They make everything really easy to understand and really break things down for you. 

- Emma Friedrichs

Margaret and Kat are the best tutors ever! They are very knowledgeable, patient and professional, and they make sure you understand the material before you leave. I was very pleased with the services that I received and would highly recommend them to anybody. 

- Rashida Dixon

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